Now you can join our Thailand Volunteer programs, in partnership with Treetop Country.  Choose between Teaching  English or Organic Farming.

TEACHING ENGLISH: We work very closely with several schools for underprivileged children that have a need for English speaking volunteers. Unfortunately, in rural Thailand, most schools do not teach English. Without the language most of these children will grow up with very limited career and life opportunities. This is why it is so important for us to recruit volunteers, because you have the ability to empower the children of the village and create the leaders and success stories of the future! In addition to teaching English at the school you can also teach art, music, and sports! 

ORGANIC FARMING: We have created several organic farming initiatives. o help secure the most high-quality food sources for citizens of Wiang Pa Pao, and the children at the school, we have used our vast amount of land to grow organic rice and vegetables, while raising high quality and free range sources of protein. The impact that this has on the community cannot be overstated. This has created sustainable sources of nutrition to feed those in need, while it also provides jobs and income for local villagers who work the land. Whether you're an experienced backyard gardener or if you just want to pick up a shovel and learn a few things about gardening/planting, we welcome your assistance with the organic farming initiative!

COST:  $250 deposit due at time of sign up includes STWT International Travel Handbook, complete Travel Planning, STWT t-shirt, and Certificate of Completion. Half of weekly cost is due at time of sign-
up and remaining amount is due 30 days before start date. 2 week program is $430, 3 week program is $620, 4 week program is $780. These program costs include airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodations, breakfast and dinner, one cooking class (subject to availability), one weekly day trip (subject to availability) 24/7 in-country staff monitoring, administrative costs, and program support.


Join one of our many volunteer programs in India; Conservation, Sports, Business, Care, or Teaching in partnership with Silo India! 

CONSERVATION: In our eco-project, the prime focus is bio-diversity conservation in Tirunelveli and its surrounding area.  The district is primarily an agricultural area providing the main source of employment and household income for local families.

Farming uses large areas of cleared land to grow crops to meet the food needs of humans.  A degradation of environmental conditions is making sustainable farming a real challenge. Consequently, organic farming or ecological farming is the only way of sustaining agriculture activity as well as rehabilitating the degraded environment.  However, with increasing demands to produce crops farmers are readily turning to chemical farming as a lack of guidance, information, and organic input prevents farmers from understanding and implementing these methods.

SPORT: With an increasing emphasis on educational attainment, sport and physical activity often take second place within the school environment.  However, Silo India is working with schools to promote the power of sport and its positive impact on the pupil: improved academic performance, determination, resilience, focus, concentration, commitment, teamwork, self-confidence, leadership skills and employability.

Outside of school, family life, work commitments, school work and a traditional view of family roles means 
sport is often seen as a privilege only for young children and men.  Silo India is working with local groups to encourage every member of the community to be active either through formal sport or informal active recreation.  In doing so, Silo India is placing sport at the heart of communities, bringing individuals together to create a more cohesive and dynamic community.

As a 
you will play an integral role in ensuring that sport remains an essential aspect of school life, that pupils understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle in order to secure their future health, both mentally and physically. In the community you will act as an advocate for sports, promoting its benefits to all and removing barriers that currently prevent all sections of the community participating.

BUSINESS VOLUNTEER: We offer enormous volunteering potential on micro, small and medium size enterprises. As a volunteer you can train local vendors, linking them to market opportunities, designing and implementing strategies for the economic sustainability of the business. This is a great way to make an impact on the society.

You will have hands-on experience and insights on how small entrepreneurs are operating their businesses in India. Depending on your interest and skill you can work on the administrative, marketing or strategy planning of the enterprises. By volunteering in business projects you can also contribute to women empowerment enterprises – a concept that has increased rapidly in recent decades.

CARE: The orphanages and schools you will be working in are under-resourced and children have extremely limited access to appropriate education. Our local partners and community have specifically requested our assistance in creating a fun learning environment to improve the education of disadvantaged local orphan children.

With the help of Silo India, orphans and underprivileged children will have the opportunity to take part in fun and exciting activities that provide them with a means of self-expression to help build their confidence. The time you give will contribute significantly to the personal and educational development of children from challenging backgrounds. Your 
support, experience, and skills will be highly valued by the orphanage.

TEACHING: There is a total lack of encouragement to children who are genuinely able and interested in the pursuing academics. Our teaching project aim is to support under-resourced local schools by assisting them in teaching, games and activities both inside the class and out.

A mutual exchange of skills and experiences will enrich both parties. We support local children through their education, improving their future prospects by assisting teachers in schools with lessons and fun educational games and also through other child development projects.

COST:  $150 deposit is due at time of sign up and includes STWT international travel handbook, complete travel planning, STWT t-shirt, and certificate of completion. Half of weekly cost is due at time of sign-up 
remaining amount is due 30 days before start date. 2 week program is $675, 4 week program is $1,300. These program costs include airport pick-up, accommodations, 3 meals a day, 24/7 in-country staff monitoring, administrative costs, and program support.