SAVE THE WORLD TOUR offers you the ability to take your dream mission trip to anywhere in the World for any amount of time and for any budget. We are the people that believe that you can take time off work, you can travel to that place you've always dreamed of, and you can make the World a better place! The time is now! And for incredibly low rates, we will create the trip of your dreams with no stress to you and no painful hours spent doing research. We do the work for you!  

STWT's Travel Planning consists of...

-STWT Handbook 101 on International Travels 

-Day-by-Day Itinerary

-Volunteer Project Options (specializing in our 2017 project sites in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, India, Thailand, and Bolivia

-Competitive Flight Options

-Best Hotel Options

-Passport/Visa Information

-Immunization/Health Information

-Budget Breakdown

-Fundraising Tips

-STWT T-shirt

-24/7 Support

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SAVE THE WORLD TOUR (STWT) started out as a solo mission trip for Jennifer McVey in 2013. She decided she wanted to make a change and a big one! After a year and a half of planning and saving, she quit her job, sold her car, and gave up her home to make her way across the World, volunteering in six countries over six months. When returning home to the USA, she decided she wanted to make STWT more than just her own mission trip. She wanted to provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to join the MOVEMENT... to Volunteer anywhere in the World, Spread Happiness, and Be The Change!  

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